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Airbnb UI Clone — iOS, Android

January 2024

By creating this Airbnb UI clone, I aimed to demonstrate my ability in mobile development technologies, including React Native, TypeScript, and popular third-party libraries. The application utilizes OAuth for secure authentication with Google, Apple, and Facebook. This project emphasizes not only the visual aspects of the Airbnb application but also the underlying architecture and functionality, showcasing a holistic approach to mobile app development.

React Native, Expo Router, OAuth Authentication, Parallax UI Effects, TypeScript

Reel Good — Movie Exploration and Recommendation Platform

A collaborative, full-stack web application combining a React frontend with a Flask backend, containerized using Docker for seamless deployment. A standout feature is its Elasticsearch-powered recommendation system, offering personalized movie suggestions based on a plethora of user preferences. "Reel Good" represents a harmonious blend of technical proficiency, collaborative development, and a user-centric approach, aiming to simplify the selection process on movie night.

Elasticsearch, React, Flask, Docker, Bootstrap, Python

August - December 2023

SpotList — Personalized Spotify Playlist Creator

December 2023

SpotList is a simple idea that began with a web app and turned into a React Native application using Expo as my first self-led learning endeavor for mobile development. This project seamlessly integrates with Spotify's API and leverages the Spotify OAuth flow to connect to a user's account. The primary functionality allows users to automatically create a new playlist in their Spotify library, containing their top 25 tracks from the past 4 weeks.

React Native, Spotify API, OAuth, Expo Router, TypeScript, CSS

Zombie Arena — Unity 3D First Person Shooter Game

"Zombie Arena" is an engaging first-person-shooter game developed in Unity using C#. The game challenges players to survive waves of zombies in a dynamic arena consisting of several obstacles and powerup pickups. Key features include three weapons with distinct mechanics and animations, complex zombie behavior using a finite state machine and pathfinding algorithms, and strategic use of game development and animation techniques.

Unity, C#, Finite state machine, Pathfinding algorithms, Animation techniques

March - May 2023

Custom todo-list server — TCP/IP and socket programming
cable network
cable network

April 2022

Robust client-server application using Python and socket programming to manage a todo list. The goal was to delve into the intricacies of Internet network communications, employing TCP/IP stack functionalities. The server, configured through either a file or command line arguments, seamlessly accepts and responds to various commands for todo list manipulation. A detailed log captures timestamps and execution details. On the client side, users can configure server information and gracefully handle invalid commands, receiving prompt feedback.

Internet Protocol Stack, TCP/IP, Socket Programming, Python

Student Grader Management System — Ruby on Rails

Built with Ruby on Rails, this full-stack web application manages student graders for course sections at The Ohio State University. Following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, it combines a flexible UI with a robust backend, incorporating role validation and security measures. Students can sign in, explore the course catalog, and submit grader applications. Instructors review or recommend students for grading, while admins update courses, assign graders, and manage sections.

Model-View-Controller, User Roles & Authentication, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

February - April 2022

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